Thursday, September 4, 2014

What I thought: @LeslieWalks Leslie Sansone: Mix & Match Walk Blasters DVD

I mentioned that I bought this at iTunes last week and now I'm ready to review it! Here's a link to the Amazon DVD.

Leslie Sansone: Mix & Match Walk Blasters (affiliate link)

It seems like the 10 minute workout is very popular right now, even if it's a collection of 10 minute workouts put together. While it might be a trend, it is one that I support. It's easier for me to talk myself into starting a workout if I require myself to do at least one 10 minute workout. Many times, I end up doing more.

This DVD features 10 different workouts. Here's a list from Amazon's description:

  • Light Walk!
  • Brisk + Steady!
  • Interval Walk!
  • Short + Sweaty!
  • Walk, Kick + Jab!
  • Dance Walk!
  • Tummy Trimmer!
  • Lower Body Blast!
  • Upper Body Blast!
  • Flexibility Walk!
I feel like this is a handy resource to have. I am trying to be less of a couch potato, but I still do like to watch some TV. Telling myself I have to walk or ride the stationary bike while I watch TV is one way to get at least a little active. Over the past few days, I've done all ten workouts. My favorite one was the Tummy Trimmer. It felt like a good mini-workout. I also liked the Lower Body Blast. The other eight walks were good, too, but those were my favorites.

As I was writing about this workout, I checked the Amazon page and saw that the digital copy is currently $1.99, as it was on iTunes. I don't know if this will change, but I would think it would. It is very inexpensive for one of Leslie's workouts, and so much less than the DVD. 

I would definitely do this workout again. I thought it was a collection of useful and fun workouts that I will use to be more active. 

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