Monday, March 3, 2014

"Thin in 10" by Jessica Smith and Liz Neporent - Part 4

I am continuing my review of The Thin in 10 Weight-Loss Plan: Transform Your Body (and Life!) in Minutes a Day (affiliate link) by Jessica Smith and Liz Neporent.

Today's 10 minute workout to review was "Thin In 10 Core Conditioning Workout with Jessica Smith". It is available through the DVD that comes with the book, or currently is streaming with a $2.99/month Sportskool subscription on YouTube.

I am sometimes intimidated by ab workouts, which is what I assumed "Core Conditioning" would be. I have done ab workouts where it hurts to laugh the next day! This was my state of mind as I approached this workout.

I found "Core Conditioning" to be an interesting and doable workout for the core. There were curnches, but not so many that I was hurting bad. There were a lot of planks and side planks. The planks were short enough or had enough movement to them that I could do them. I am lousy at holding a static plank! The side planks didn't have movement, but were short enough that I could do them, with the knee down, of course.

I would say that this workout was challenging enough to be interesting, and I would do this one again!

I'll be back next to review the final workout on the DVD, "Stretch and De-Stress".

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