Monday, March 24, 2014

Review of @NathanPerfGear "Nathan Sprint Plus Handheld Bottle Carrier"

This post contains affiliate links, and is not a sponsored post. I purchased both my Prime membership and the water bottle with my own funds. 

I went on a strenuous hike last week with no water, and I ended up mooching some off of a friend. While I don't plan on doing that crazy hike anytime soon, it was a great reminder to get a handheld water bottle for my walks. I usually walk or run without water, which can be very foolish, depending on the conditions. I picked up the Nathan Sprint Plus Handheld Bottle Carrier for my short walks. When I bought it, it was about $8 with free shipping with my Prime Membership.

I took it on a 4 mile walk yesterday, to the drugstore and back. At the drugstore, I filled my 10 oz. water bottle. With the mild weather, it was the perfect amount of water for me. 

What I especially liked was how I carry it - through the palm and over the thumb. It doesn't feel very heavy and it still leaves your hand mostly free. And the little pocket was great. It has a small pocket inside the zippered pocket that is great for carrying cash or ID, and the rest of the pocket was perfect for carrying my small keychain of keys. My regular collection of keys would have been a tight fit, though. And my phone would not have fit at all. 

It is worth mentioning that the top is more like a sippy cup top?! You don't pop the top to drink - you have to suck on the top of the water bottle to get some water. For this reason, it isn't ideal for sharing. I also am concerned about the long term viability of the top, but hopefully it will not be an issue.

This is one of my favorite accessories or gift ideas for a runner or a walker or exercise enthusiast. If this size isn't the right size for you, I've found this, though I haven't tried it: Nathan Quick View Hydration Pack, Black. It has room for a cell phone, and I believe it has a pop top for drinking.

What's your favorite water bottle? How do you like to carry keys, phones, etc. when you are out exercising? Leave your feedback in the comments!

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