Monday, March 17, 2014

Review of @LionsgateBeFit "Cardio Barre: Lower Body Shred Workout"

Today I am reviewing LionsgateBeFit "Cardio Barre: Lower Body Shred Workout" from YouTube.

It is from the "Cardio Barre: Ultimate Advanced" Fitness DVD with Kelly Newkirk. (affiliate link)

Oh my goodness. I am really not wanting to move after I finished this workout! I was a little concerned when I read a YouTube comment on the workout about something like "doing it half time would be OK!", but I decided I should try it.

Leg lifts of many varieties, as well as knee circles, dominated this workout, at a furious pace. I tried to keep up - I just did my best. I couldn't see the TV for the first half of the workout, as the posture really didn't call for me to be lifting my head up. I had to sneak a peek at what the new move was. That brings up a point of criticism - I was disappointed by the lack of cuing and the explanation of the form of the moves. I had to look hard at the TV and then try to catch up. I felt that the moves could have been explained better, especially when the posture calls for the exerciser not to be looking at the video.

I am generally super sore after barre workouts, and I imagine I will be tomorrow. The amount of repetitions were insane (in a good way, I think)!  It is definitely a workout for the gluteal muscles.

I think I will reserve my judgement on whether or not I would do this workout again. While I was muttering, "Never again!" during this workout, if I am able to move my lower body tomorrow, I might want to try doing this one just to see if I can keep up. It is a challenge!

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