Friday, March 21, 2014

Review of @DeniseAustin_ "Denise Austin: Stretching & Flexibility Fitness Routine"

Today I am reviewing "Denise Austin: Stretching & Flexibility Fitness Routine" from the Lionsgate BeFit channel on YouTube.

The day I did this workout, I was planning to go on a difficult hike with some friends. I wanted to stretch a bit before, so I chose this video.

It is from her DVD, Blast Away the Pounds: Indoor Walk. (affiliate link)

For me, this was a nice, slow paced workout that left me feeling ready for my hike!

For the parts of the workout that required a chair, I used my couch. It would have been better to use a chair. I had to sit closer to the edge of the couch to get the firmness I needed.

Because the workout wasn't "see how many reps you can get in!", it was calm and somewhat relaxing. I used it as a way to get ready for the day, but the overall tone of the workout made it sound like a cool down. I especially liked when she explained "this stretch is good for people who sit", and "this stretch is good for walkers".

I would definitely do this workout again! It was refreshing and helpful.

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