Monday, March 10, 2014

Review of @DeniseAustin_ "Denise Austin: Legs & Lower Body Workout- High Intensity" on YouTube

Today I am reviewing the YouTube video, "Denise Austin: Legs & Lower Body Workout- High Intensity". It is on the Lionsgate Be Fit channel, and is from her DVD, Denise Austin's Personal Training System. (affiliate link)

I wanted to sneak in another workout today after dinner. I think I need to admit that I was too tired for this. I especially thought that after I realized this workout is labeled "high intensity". To me, high intensity means that I will be jumping around a lot and that I will want to collapse by the end of the workout. It really wasn't the case here. My main problem going into the workout is that I walked a lot today, so my legs were very tired. My legs reminded me of this during the workout as I did reverse lunges, squats, and plies. I was able to finish the workout and I didn't want to collapse, so I consider the workout a win in my book!

While it's not my favorite workout, I would do this one again. It is a nice way to get a little workout in without equipment (one of Denise's workout buddies is using weights, but Denise isn't), and it really gave my legs a good workout today!

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