Friday, March 7, 2014

Jessica Smith Kickboxing Abs

I wanted to do a super quick kickboxing type workout today, so I searched YouTube and found Jessica Smith's Kickboxing Abs. Coming in at just 9 minutes, it is quick and fun!

The side plank and kicks were killer! The punching and twisting was fun, and the sit ups with punches were difficult. I couldn't sit all the way up. I just did the best I could!

If you are used to Jessica Smith's more recent workouts, you will notice the difference in this workout in terms of production. At times, a slow-motion tip is shown while you are supposed to be doing reps. Also, the camera work isn't as good. However, I can overlook these flaws. It's a nice quick workout that challenged me more than just doing a walking workout this morning.

I would do this one again. I liked the length of it, and I liked that Jessica kept at it and made even more workout videos after she got started!

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