Friday, February 7, 2014

Review of "10 Pounds Down with Jessica Smith: Better Body Blast" DVD - Part 3 - Abs

I was browsing at Big Lots and saw a box that advertised "$3 Fitness DVDs!". I decided to take a look, even though I thought I would find nothing. I found two DVDs. One DVD, which I didn't buy but am thinking about going back to get, was, I believe, this one: Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds - Weight Loss Series: Muscle Mile One (affiliate link). The one I found in the box and purchased was this DVD.

10 Pounds Down with Jessica Smith (affiliate link for Amazon)

I do have a couple of 10 Minute Solution DVDs with Jessica, but this is the first one I've bought that was because it has her name on it. I was hoping that it would be a lot like her online workouts. I did the abs workout today to see if I liked it as much as the leg workout I just completed.

I have to say, this is my least favorite of the three. If the leg workout was about squats and lunges, then the ab workout was about crunches and planks. I can usually keep up on crunches, but I still am not able to follow along exactly on the portion of any workout that features planks. This was no exception. I was glad that this workout kept to only 20 minutes and wasn’t slightly longer like the legs workout. I was so happy to be done.

My knee-jerk reaction to this workout is I never want to do this ab portion of the workout ever again. I believe I will be feeling my ab muscles tomorrow. But if I want stronger abs, I’m going to have to work them out! Maybe this is just a good reminder that I need to keep working on the abs and work up to this level.

Update: I did go back to get the Leslie Sansone DVD, so I will be back on Monday with a review of that walking workout.

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