Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review of "Walking for Weight Loss" with Debbie Rocker DVD

Today I am reviewing Walking for Weight Loss With Debbie Rocker DVD (affiliate link).

Mine has a different cover, but it is supposed to be the same DVD workout. I found it after looking for some alternatives to the many Leslie Sansone workouts I have tried. I just like a little variety! From what other people were saying, Debbie's workouts are harder and there is less chatter. So I decided to give her DVD a try. I also picked up the AM/PM walk (affiliate link), and hope to review that for you soon.

The workout includes a long workout which I neglected to find out the length of before I started. It was over 50 minutes (which is about what I expected.) There is also a shortened version of the same workout of about 30 minutes. I plan on trying this on a morning where I don't have as much time. An audio CD is included for outside walks. I am interested in listening to it, but I've got to take the time to put the track on my phone, so I'll be realistic and say it probably won't be anytime soon.

In the longer workout on the DVD, the scenery, the people, and the instructor were all very pleasant. The workout started out slowly. I was even a little bored during the warm up. However, after that, it was a great balance of challenging walking-based moves and helpful recovery times. There were alternative moves for almost every difficult move, and that is very much appreciated!

There were times where beautiful scenery was shown as you are supposed to be taking a walk through this gorgeous setting. I would generally find this cheesy or hokey. In fact, I was working out in the living room, and another family member was on the couch reading. She thought it looked a little silly, but we decided that it really does look silly if you are not moving around. I thought it was a nice change. I'm not sure how I would feel about it after seeing it for the umpteenth time. This segment was only a few minutes long, and was by no means a majority of the workout.

As to the assertions that this is harder than a typical Leslie workout - I would say yes. As to less chatter than Leslie, I would just say it is different type of chatter, more about you being an athlete, and strong, etc. I think anything you hear over and over again might seem annoying, so I'll let you decide on the whole "chatter" issue.

I would definitely do this workout again. I look forward to trying the shorter workout version soon!

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