Friday, January 17, 2014

Review of Jessica Smith's "Walking Exercise - Indoor Jogging (power walking, running, cardio, fat burning)"

I loved this workout. As she does often, Jessica gave options on the high/low impact. I was able to do some higher impact moves (jogging), but did the low impact moves when jumping was involved. Worked for me! I have done this one before, but I don't think I've reviewed it. I loved it just as much as the previous time. It is a great workout. Longer than her 10 minute or 30 minute workouts, obviously, it had gentle jogging, side steps, arm reaches, and a lot of encouragement from Jessica just to do the best you can. It also gave me a lot of steps on my FitBit Flex! (affiliate link) I was able to reach 10,000 steps by 4:00 PM given this workout, shopping at Costco and doing some other errands, and walking the dog. I don't hit 10,000 steps every day, but it sure is a nice feeling when I do. 

I would definitely do this workout again. It was a longer workout, but it was worth it.

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