Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review of Jessica Smith's "Flat Abs Walk - Full Length Walking Workout for Flat Abs" on YouTube

In an effort to get more steps in, I chose a longer walking workout today, and surprise, surprise! It wasn't by Leslie Sansone! But it was by Jessica Smith, so I guess I remain fairly predictable. :) It was Jessica Smith's Flat Abs Walk on YouTube.

I've found that Jessica's workouts are a little more complex than Leslie's walking workouts, so of course, this was a little harder to follow. At times, I couldn't make my arms do what they were supposed to be doing. It can be hard, especially the first time through on a workout! While I didn't do the workout perfectly, I was able to complete it, and feel like I got a nice ab workout in, too! I really did like this one, even though it felt pretty long. 

I would definitely do this one again. It has interesting music, good cueing, and informative instruction on the moves. 

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