Monday, January 20, 2014

Review of Jessica Smith's "26 Minute Cardio Pilates" on YouTube

Today I am reviewing Jessica Smith's "26 Minute Cardio Pilates" from the JessicaSmithTV channel on YouTube. 

I see "Cardio Pilates", and I think, "Oh, man. This is going to be super hard and I will be sad about my lack of flexibility, all at the same time!" And then, I see it's a barefoot workout, and I think, "OK! This won't be so hard! It's a barefoot workout!" But both of my presuppositions were wrong. Jessica Smith's 26 Minute Cardio Pilates is somewhere in the middle in terms of difficulty, for me. It certainly wasn't jumping jacks or running in place. But it wasn't an easy stretching session either. There were pushups (not a lot), planks (not very long), standing hundreds, plies, and more. I didn't log a lot of steps on my Fitbit Flex (affiliate link), but I feel like I got a nice workout that strengthened my core. And I always feel just a little better after Pilates, you know? 

I would definitely do this workout again! It was fun and interesting. 

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