Monday, January 13, 2014

Review of Debbie Rocker's "A.M. and P.M Walking" DVD, Part 2

Today I am reviewing part of Debbie Rocker's "A.M. and P.M. Walking" DVD(affiliate link). 

This review will cover the P.M. portion of the walk. I actually did this back to back with the A.M. portion of the walk, so I tried to note the differences between the two workouts.

This workout starts out with a fairly slow warm up. Because I had just done the A.M. workout, it seemed especially slow, but I'm sure it would have been appropriate had I not just done almost 30 minutes of walking already. There was a lot more variety in this workout than the A.M. counterpart. There were punches, arm swings, and those "out-out-in-in" steps. I preferred the P.M. workout to the A.M. workout. I was still annoyed by her "energy" talk, but I have decided to just tune it out. :) 

I would do this workout again. Now that I am familiar with the steps, I would probably put her on mute and try to figure out the picture-in-picture that I have with my TV.

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