Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review of "Beach Barre Workout With Renée Herlocker | Tone It Up Tuesdays" by Livestrong Woman on YouTube

Today I am reviewing a workout by Livestrong Woman, "Beach Barre Workout With Renée Herlocker | Tone It Up Tuesdays".

This was a difficult workout. I did sort of like the barre part, because I felt it was challenging for my fitness level (not quite intermediate, I suppose), while also being able to be accomplished. However, I did have a few problems with the workout. First of all, the beginning segments made me feel silly. The "dance" they did for the stretching was a little embarrassing. Second, the moves were much too advanced for me at times. It assumed a level of flexibility without really offering much modification. Third, and this is the one that got me most of all, there was a vibe of "look at me!" and "this workout is for the cool kids!" that I felt. These sentiments were not expressed, of course, but there was a moment where two of them did the splits and said "ta-da!". The third one couldn't do it (along with so many people who were watching the video, I'm sure), and it just seemed kind of mean. I don't think I'm the demographic for this video, and I'm fine with that. But this workout was all around discouraging for me. And I have done other workouts with people who looked like models, and I didn't feel like this.

So I think you know, I wouldn't do this again. I wouldn't write the whole channel off, though. In fact, I did another workout from the channel that I plan on reviewing tomorrow, and I really enjoyed it.

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