Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review of "10 Minute Solution: Hot Body Boot Camp" DVD, part 2

I picked up this DVD on a mega-sale recently so I could review it for you (and hopefully, get a great workout!) Today's DVD is "10 Minute Solution: Hot Body Boot Camp" (affiliate link). I reviewed 3 segments yesterday, and I am reviewing the remaining 2 segments here today.

Here is the preview from Anchor Bay's channel on YouTube.

I did 2 segments today: Calorie Blasting Drills and Rock Bottom Sculpt (don't like the name). 

Calorie Blasting Drills is a fast paced workout that starts out a little fast and kind of dance-y. It remains fast, but isn't as dance-y for the rest of the workout. It uses weights. At the beginning of it, I had a bad knee twinge, but not because of the moves I was doing - I just put my foot down wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes, that's all it takes. I continued on, and it really didn't hurt after the initial pain. I was glad to see that. I am trying to get all the muscles in my legs stronger to support any sort of problem my knees might have. I don't know how scientific or accurate that is, but for me, it seems to help. I enjoyed this workout, although it seems like I would have my weights in my hands for a few seconds and then have to put them down again. But I think the picking them up and putting them down again was part of the workout. It was still a hassle, though. :)

The other segment I did today was Rock Bottom Sculpt. Again, I really don't like the name, because I prefer to be able to mention workouts in casual conversation without being embarrassed or drawing attention to myself. But the workout itself was good. I couldn't do every exercise, but I made up my own modifications and moved along. Such as, I couldn't get my knee to the floor on the lunges. Big deal, I figure! Sometimes with moves like these, I figure that the instructor might be fairly short. I'm not super tall, but I'm not petite in height, either. However, I have a feeling it is because she is more flexible, and that is something I can work on.

I would do these workouts again - in fact, I'd do the whole DVD again! This has been one of my favorite DVD purchases lately. I realize it is an older DVD, from 2008, but it makes it more affordable to purchase for now. 

See you tomorrow with another review!

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