Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Changing Posting Schedule

I have been trying to post here daily since I started this blog. I have made the decision to post here 3 times a week instead.

I believe this will allow this blog to have a wider variety of posts, especially allowing me to vary the length of the workouts. Some days I just want to do a workout I've done before. Or, I want to take a walk, or go out for a run. These are workouts I can't review here for you. So I do 3 10-minute workouts, so that I can review them over 3 days. But there aren't always quality 10-minute workouts to show you that I enjoy doing. Also, I have been trying to follow Jessica Smith's workout calendar for this month, and most of the days are one longer workout. I could review one of those each day, but it has been difficult to work in the longer workouts AND write a post of them. And in this case, every single post would be about the same workout instructor. I want to feel the freedom to follow a calendar like this, or a take a long walk for my exercise for that day, or take a day off from exercising. This change allows me to do that.

So, I will see you here on Friday with a review of a workout I did from Jessica Smith's January workout calendar - Jessica Smith's "Walking Exercise - Indoor Jogging (power walking, running, cardio, fat burning)" from Youtube. I really enjoyed it and I'll let you know why on Friday. :)

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