Monday, December 30, 2013

What YouTube Fitness Channels do you use to exercise?

I thought I would pass along an article I found on of a list of YouTube fitness channels:

I hadn't heard of about half of them. I've already tried some from BeFit, Blogilates, SparkPeople, and SarahFit. I don't think I would recommend all of them, but I think that some of them are worth a second look. I think that Jessica Smith's channel should have been on the list, most definitely!

What exercise oriented channels on YouTube do you use to exercise? I try to only post channels where the content owner is the one who posted them - there are a lot of YouTube videos that have been posted by others who don't own them. I don't link to those because they have a chance to be removed, and it just doesn't seem respectful to the content owner. So please keep that in mind with your recommendations.

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