Friday, December 13, 2013

Review of "SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp: Day 6 Arms & Back Workout"

Hi! I'm back again with another review of a SparkPeople bootcamp workout. This is the "SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp: Day 6 Arms & Back Workout". 

So this was another SparkPeople fitness ball workout where you need to use part of a blank wall. This is somewhat inconvenient for me, and may be impossible for others. For me, it means I have to go fairly far away from the TV, which is at a low volume because it's so early in the morning. Therefore, I can't hear everything that is said, and I just try to follow along by sight and hope for the best. But, I did like the workout. It went by quickly, and nicely blended doable moves with challenging ones. And I always appreciate the nice stretch at the end, which seems to address the muscle groups used rather than just a standard set of stretches that you are tempted to skip. 

I would definitely do this one again, even if I have to be so far away from the TV!

Stay tuned for the last installment of my reviews of SparkPeople's New You Bootcamp!

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