Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review of "SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp: Day 5 Hips and Thighs Workout"

Let me tell you, workouts with the word "hips" in it can scare me! I did a hip workout/stretch a few months ago that left me sore for days. I think it's because a lot of workouts don't address the hips. It left me uncomfortable (just shy of pain) for days. I am glad to report that this workout is NOT like that. It was a good stretch and workout that won't leave me hobbling around through the weekend.

I found the workout enjoyable. I didn't even have to modify any of the moves! The only downside of the workout was my family laughing at me (in a good natured way, thankfully), when I was throwing the ball with my hands and catching it with my feet! I'm sure it looked silly. 

I would definitely do this one again. It was fun! Stay tuned for tomorrow's workout - day 6!

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