Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review of "SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp: Day 3 Upper Body Workout" from YouTube

Today, I am reviewing "SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp: Day 3 Upper Body Workout" by SparkPeople's Coach Nicole, on YouTube.

So we continue with the SparkPeople New You Bootcamp series. I can tell you that I genuinely am looking forward to these workouts each day. I am thinking about continuing on with them when I am done with the 7 day series. So, I enjoyed today's workout. A lot of these moves are moves I have done with weights, but I usually don't do them while laying on a fitness ball! She did a great job of explaining the moves while still cueing the moves at the right time. This is so important when you can't look at the TV when you are trying to do a workout move!

I would definitely do this one again. I wouldn't even mind do this one a few days a week!

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