Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review of Leslie Sansone's "So Fast" 1 Mile on Vimeo

I have been working out some muscles in recent days that haven't been worked out too much before. I am sore! I declared today an emergency "easy" day, and went to Leslie Sansone's channel on Vimeo. I chose the "So Fast" 1 mile. It was perfect for today.

"So Fast" 1 mile from Walk Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

This is a little different than Leslie's usual steps. She does throw in a little more jogging than normal, especially right off, and she puts in a grapevine, and some atypical step and taps. I actually enjoyed the variety of these moves in additional to her usual moves (kickbacks, walk up and back, etc.). While it might be hard for someone for their very first workout, I think Leslie fans will enjoy the change and have a nice workout.

The camera work and editing were bad in at least 3 places, and I think it's why it ended up on Vimeo and not on a DVD. When Leslie introduced a new step that involved a different movement with her feet, YOU COULDN'T SEE HER FEET. That seems like a pretty basic camera direction. And speaking of cameras, I saw one at least twice. It just doesn't seem like that's up to Leslie's usual standards. But I'm not sure why I'm complaining about a free workout! :)

I would definitely do this again. It was nice to not be doing pushups or squats or using weights. I love having these workouts to come back to so I can simplify workouts on the days I need to take it easy.

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