Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review of Jessica Smith's "Stability Ball Abs & Core Workout -- On the Ball: Core Stretch"

I am still in search of my perfect exercise ball stretch workout. I decided to try Jessica Smith's "Stability Ball Abs & Core Workout -- On the Ball: Core Stretch" 

I think I've mentioned before that I workout in the morning, usually before anyone else is awake in the house. So it was a little disappointing when I couldn't hear Jessica talking over the music. I couldn't raise the volume higher because I didn't want to wake anyone up. I had to do my best to cue from what I could see she was doing, and from the few words I could catch. However, I just tried the video on my computer and the sound is perfect. I don't know what is wrong with my TV setup and this one video.  Actually, whenever I do Jessica's videos, I can only hear here from the left speaker. All the others are fine. But I digress. It will probably be OK on your device, so let me tell you about the workout. 

Jessica's workout was a lot of fun. I did have to do a lot of modifications. I wasn't able to hold all the poses or do as many reps as she did, but I tried, and that's all I can do! My muscles really burned during the reps. I feel like if I did this workout consistently, I would improve on the moves. 

Would I do this one again? If the sound worked on my TV, I would probably do this one again. However, in my quest to find the one perfect exercise ball stretch video, I will have to keep looking. This one is too challenging to provide the relaxing stretch that I am looking for.

I followed this workout with two videos by Denise Austin that used a resistance band. I'll be back tomorrow to talk about those workouts. 

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