Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review of Jessica Smith's "Indoor Walking Exercise - Full Length 30-Minute Power Walk (fat burning, walking workout)"

I try to figure out what workouts I will be doing in the morning before I go to bed. It gives me one less thing to think about with morning brain. :) But I woke up with really sore shoulders and didn't want to do the high intensity interval training I thought would be so wonderful today! Plus, I have a run planned for this afternoon, so I wanted to save some energy for later. I chose Jessica Smith's "Indoor Walking Exercise - Full Length 30-Minute Power Walk (fat burning, walking workout)" on YouTube.

Since I write reviews, I try to have a notepad nearby to jot down something to tell you about the workout I'm doing. I was able to take some notes during the warm up, but after that, I had to just remember what to tell you, because there just wasn't time to write any notes! Since this was a walking workout, I naturally compared it to a Leslie Sansone workout. I would say that most of Leslie's workouts can be done by beginners, and it is OK to be a bit clumsy (like me). Jessica's walking workout require a bit more coordination. They are not dance routines, thankfully, and with practice, you could get all the moves down. I'd also say that Jessica's walking workout steps it up in terms of intensity compared to most of Leslie's walking workouts. There were several moves that required balance. She would provide modification for these, and other moves, so I would think that this would be a doable workout for most beginners.

I liked how she talked about posture and form at the beginning. These are things I didn't used to care about, or listen to, but it makes SO much difference! And most of Jessica's at-home workouts are in a fairly limited space, so I am tagging this a sort of small space workout.

Would I do this again? Definitely! In fact, once I started the workout, I thought, "Oh man! I've done this before! Now I can't review it!". Yes, I have done this one before, but no, I haven't reviewed it.

This afternoon's run will be a more challenging couch to 5K run with the Get Running app, so I might mention how that went tomorrow. Hoping it goes well!

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