Monday, December 23, 2013

Review of "Denise Austin: Sports Bootcamp Cardio Workout" on YouTube

The week that I was doing the SparkPeople New You Bootcamp, I was also trying to fit in 30 minutes of other exercise a day. One of the workouts I did that week was "Denise Austin: Sports Bootcamp Cardio Workout", another workout on the BeFit Channel.

This is from Denise Austin's 3 Week Body Bootcamp on Amazon (affiliate link).

As I've mentioned before, I review quite a few of Denise's workouts as Lionsgate BeFit has featured so many of her workouts on their free YouTube channel. As usual, Denise goes a little too fast with the moves, not usually explaining them before she does them. I had to modify some of the moves - she offered some of the modifications, and I made up others on my own. She recommended knee modification for the plank move if needed, and encouraged the viewer to go at own pace (especially for the pass through with the weight - so important not to rush that one!)

I just had to try my hardest to do the best I could do. It was difficult, but no move lasted long enough that I couldn't complete a set (or my version of that set!).

I would do this again if I were feeling up to a challenge! But it doesn't make my favorite list. (I should really start a favorite list on the blog!)

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