Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review of 2 YouTube Denise Austin Resistance Band workouts

These two Denise Austin workouts use a resistance band and were a nice change from high intensity workouts and from walking. First up: "Denise Austin: Integrated Pilates Workout- Upper and Lower Body". It looks like this is from her Pilates for Every Body DVD (affiliate link).

It's funny - the few times I remembering twinging my knee during exercise this year have been during Denise workouts. She just must have a way of transitioning certain moves that bothers me! I felt it again today, but I was very careful with my movements and didn't feel any lasting affects. I felt like that this was a good way to get in a challenging stretch. There was a part of the workout where you could also balance on one leg while doing the move with the arms - that was a no-go for me, but it is something I could work up to one day.

I'd do this again if I came across it, but it wasn't my favorite.

The second video was "Denise Austin: Fat-Burning Power Cardio Workout". This workout is from Denise Austin - Power Zone - The Ultimate Metabolism Boosting Workout 1-3 Version 2 DVD (affiliate link). It also used the resistance band.

I did break a sweat on this almost 25 minute workout. However, I had been already working out for that long the morning I did this workout, so that might be a factor. It's a hard workout, but it isn't TOO hard. I know that some people have complained that Denise doesn't cue her moves very well or all the time, and I would have to say that I agree for this video. I had to catch up at times. This is another one that I would do again, but only if I came across it and felt like it.

Tomorrow's workout needs to be quick with how much I have going on tomorrow, so I'll be back with a quick workout for tomorrow.

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