Sunday, December 22, 2013

Review of "10 Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout" by SparkPeople

Want to know a secret? I take notes on workouts I do and write them up at a later date with the right formatting and embedding. This is a workout that I actually did the day after Thanksgiving - or maybe even Thanksgiving Day! I was traveling and wanted to try something new that hopefully didn't need equipment. I settled on Sparkpeople's 10 Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout.

I did take a lot of notes on this workout, and am currently half-watching it while I write up the review. I thought this then, and I still think it - I wouldn't want to be jumping over something I could actually trip over - even a jump rope. I would rather use masking tape than a jump rope that my two left feet might get tangled in. To be clear, this workout has A LOT of jumping. If your knees aren't 100%, you might want to steer clear of this one. I know I wanted to! While it does offer modification, it still was a little too much for me. There were a lot of side to side jumps and little jumps over the "line". It wasn't repetitive, but I wasn't enjoying it too much and was wondering when it would end.

I think others might enjoy this workout, but it wasn't for me. I probably won't be doing this workout again. I do like the SparkPeople workouts enough that I'll keep checking for workouts from their channel.

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