Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review of "Pilates Workout, Boost Your Metabolism, Class FitSugar" 10 minute workout

A "Pilates 10 Minute Weights" search on YouTube landed me on this workout.

This is my first review of PopSugar Fitness. I like what I am seeing so far. I haven't explored the whole channel, but the two 10 minutes workouts I did today (I'll review the other one tomorrow), were very challenging and kept my interest. However, I do want to say that just because I like one video from a content provider doesn't mean that I love the whole channel. Browse the channels at your own risk.

This workout uses a resistance band, 5 pound weights (I used 3 pound weights, because that's what I have on hand), and ankle weights. The ankle weights were mentioned at the beginning of the video, and not referred to again. I don't have ankle weights, so I skipped them. I'm sure it would have added some difficulty to the workout, but this was challenging enough for me.

I found the first couple of minutes to be somewhat non-Pilates-like. This was the part where you work with the resistance band. However, the rest of the workout was very Pilates-like. I have never done hundreds with hand weights. That was fierce! They do offer some modification, and suggest that you can use a chair instead of a resistance band.

Would I do this again? I might. It is a great way to get going in the morning.

The link to the video can be found here:

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