Friday, November 29, 2013

Review of "10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout, Full Body Exercise, Class FitSugar" by POPSUGAR Fitness

Can you tell that I am a fan of the 10 minute workout? I usually do more than 10 minutes, but I string a bunch of them together to add different levels of difficulty and to have lots of variety in my exercise routine. Today I am reviewing POPSUGAR Fitness' "10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout, Full Body Exercise, Class FitSugar".

Oh, this one was tough! I broke a sweat, definitely. The first few minutes had a lot of planks, though. I thought, is this going to be 10 minutes of planks? But it wasn't. There were also burpees and lots of other challenging exercises. It's a workout that doesn't require any equipment, and can be done in a fairly small (but not tiny) space. It felt more like core work that cardio exercise.

There is one small gripe I have that is common among a lot of videos. If you are doing an exercise where you can't see the television, I really like it when they tell you what you should be doing since you can't see the moves. It's also helpful if they are counting the reps so you know how fast you should be doing the moves. This had at least one section where I was thinking, "I can't see you! Tell me what I should be doing!" But this happens from time to time. If it's a video I've done a lot, I've memorized it, but it's super confusing for someone new to that particular video.

Would I do this again? Sure. It's not an absolute favorite, but it's a good one to throw in for variety.

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