Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pick Your Level Pilates Workout Review

This workout was my first experience with Pilates. And I loved it! At the time, I was following a race training plan that called for non-running exercise on alternate days. I looked at what Netflix offered at the time, and this was one of the selections. Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer this anymore, so I bought it from Amazon.

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I love the "pick your level" concept. Sometimes, it's too difficult to start with the hardest level. So I did level 1 for a while, then I went to level 2 for some of the moves. I mix in a level 3 when I can.

I have heard that Ellen Barrett is well respected in the exercise community, and I would agree that she is an excellent instructor on this DVD. I found that consistent use of this DVD, in addition to running, really helped me get stronger and more toned. I don't use this as much anymore, but I do like to mix in this workout once in a while.

It is slightly longer than 30 minutes - maybe 32 or 33? - but I am labeling it a 30 minute workout for simplicity's sake. :)

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