Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A great YouTube channel for exercise - Lionsgate BeFit

The channel for Lionsgate BeFit is one of my favorite exercise channels on YouTube. This is one of the first channels I started using on YouTube for exercise. There is a wealth of exercise resources on there, but today, I'll highlight one of my favorite walking videos.

This is an easy walking workout for a beginner. It is a great way to get in a mile when you can't leave the house. It takes a little bit of space, but you can modify how far you walk forward and back for the amount of space that you have available. And I have to admit that the end of the workout is a little annoying after a few times ("Shake it out! And walk it back!"), but I think that can happen with any video you've done more than once, and you start to memorize. :)

Give it a try!

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