Friday, November 22, 2013

3 part workout - third review, "Denise Austin: Total Body Pilates Challenge"

Yesterday's workout consisted of cardio + toning, walk + toning, and Pilates, in 3 different videos. I reviewed the cardio + toning two days ago, and walk + toning yesterday, so today, I will review the Pilates.

I am a little surprised that many of the videos I have reviewed on this new blog are by Denise Austin. When I used to buy videocassettes (back in the day!) and DVDs, I didn't really have many by her! But I do see a lot of her on the BeFit YouTube channel, so I think that's why I have featured so many. And I do own this one on Amazon Instant Video, before I realized it was posted on YouTube by the content owner.

This is a Pilates routine that I would think would be a beginner's routine, if you have been introduced at all to Pilates. I did enjoy doing this one again. I did this workout several times this summer, and my knee still hurt. My knee is stronger now, though, and it is nice to be able to reach this level. It's so encouraging to make progress!

This was part of a 3 part workout I did two days ago. I also did:
as well as the one I just reviewed above:
Thanks for reading this series on my 3 part workout!

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