Thursday, November 21, 2013

3 part workout - second review, "10 Minute Toning Walk II (at home cardio workout)" by JessicaSmithtv

Yesterday's workout consisted of cardio + toning, walk + toning, and Pilates, in 3 different videos. I reviewed the cardio + toning yesterday, so today, I will review the walk + toning.

I came across Jessica Smith's workout videos when I searched "10 Minute Walk" on YouTube, because that was all the time I had that day. I have done 2 or 3 of her videos, and I like them. She seems to have videos for various fitness levels, she cues her moves well, and the talking she does during the videos is pleasant. Anyone who has done video/online workouts for any amount of time can appreciate the annoyance factor that can come into play when you listen to the same conversation day after day, so I just wanted to make a point of saying that she isn't annoying at all. :)

This workout uses a resistance band, like this one (affiliate link).

 I made the mistake of grabbing something like this (affiliate link) from my workout gear instead.

In addition, I must have grabbed one of the more difficult, less stretchy bands, because it was so difficult. My arms sure got a workout! The first workout had tired my arms a bit already, so this must have been an arm workout day for me. :)

Even though it is called a 10 minute workout, I am going to label it a 15 minute workout as it is much closer to 15, clocking in at 14:07.

This was part of a 3 part workout I did yesterday. I also did:
as well as the one I just reviewed above:
I will review the third one tomorrow.

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