Monday, November 25, 2013

"10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body" kickboxing inspired DVD review

I am going on a run this morning, and I am so sore from working out with heavy (for me) weights yesterday, so I decided to try something a little easier today. Well, it was easier than yesterday's workout, but I'm not sure it was "newbie" easy - just "beginner" sort-of-easy. I picked out a DVD from my exercise basket - I try to have all my exercise DVDs in one place. I chose the kickboxing inspired DVD, 10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body (affiliate link). When I went to look it up on Amazon, it tells me I bought it almost 2 years ago.

Here is the commercial for it on YouTube.

And hey! It's Jessica Smith! I don't usually look at names of people that I don't already know on these exercise DVDs, but I happened to notice that I've done a few of her workouts on YouTube. I'm pretty sure that's her.

I know I've done all 5 workouts, but I don't remember them all well enough to review. I'll just review the ones I did today, "Knockout Body Blast", and "Kickbox Cross Train". The DVD does not come with weighted gloves. They are not required, but I picked up a pair at Wal-mart like this. I use them for this DVD, and also the Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off in 30 Days (affiliate link) DVD instead of her handheld soft weights.

"Knockout Body Blast" is a fairly easy workout if you have been working out some. I would say it would be a bit of a challenge if this is your first workout, but if you've checked with your doctor that it's OK to workout, then you could give it a try. It was easy enough that I decided to add another 10 minute workout, "Kickbox Cross Train".

"Kickbox Cross Train" was a little more challenging. I don't exactly have 2 left feet, but I don't get the choreography of these routines right the first time around. In fact, that reminded me of something I read once, which said something like many injuries come from correcting ourselves. I have learned that if I know I am going to do a move wrong, but that it won't result in me falling down or hurting myself, that I will do the move wrong and try to get it the next time. Trying to correct mid-move has often ended up in a twisted something that sidelines me for a few days or longer. There was more jumping in this 10 minute workout, and there were also aspects that needed a good sense of balance. I enjoyed this section, but I didn't get every step of the workout right. I rarely do, anyway!

The Ten Minute Solution Series (affiliate link) has always been one of my favorite series. I have tried a few different ones over the years, especially before they removed them from Netflix. I think they are very encouraging to someone who is trying to work fitness into a busy schedule, and is building up his or her fitness strength.

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